Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Nail it.....DIY

The easiest way to pep up the mood.....go for a nail art.
The nail art is super easy and you dont need to go to any specialist for it. hardly takes 5 minutes.So here is a pic of things you need for it...

(Nail paints, Nail paint remover....)
(pls note... there are these special nail art paints available in the market. I got from VOV. So do check out and if you come across some other brands let me know)

So some of the nail art tried by me. (I am no expert.... but just tried these)

(pls dont mind unshaped nails:))

So do let me know if you like this idea and please implement them...


  1. Inspired by the minimal looks seen in fall runway collections like Rebecca Minkoff and Emerson, these two tutorials were created to get everyone on board of the nail art train. nail stickers

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