Thursday, 25 October 2012

10 Must haves for The New Age Mom

Motherhood was never easy. But today it is the most complicated and stressful. Why? As per a survey we are surrounded by a lot of choices. So why not use these choices to our advantage.

After racking my brain and analyzing the change in my day to day life, I have figured out 10 must haves for us and they go as under......

  • A big TOTE BAG

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Trust me, a tote is a life saver with all tit bits starting with diapers, extra pair of clothes, sippers, small toys and not to forget your fav perfume, lip gloss etc. So its a must and so much in fashion. So go ahead and pick one to suit your style.

Smart phones are definetely stress relievers with so much to do piled on them. Be it capturing most precious moments of your kids, planning and organising grocery, alarm setters, apps to keep kids occupied, online banking, shopping, paying bills, social networking etc etc
I can completely understand the need for you to be on your feet 24/7 and still we neglect the most important part. Our feet. Please go for comfortable shoes as this will take you long. Its not at all necessary to compromise on style as again on the cost of repeting we have a world of choices. Select from sneakers, ballerinas, kitos, crocs  etc and take your best foot forward.
A good quality stroller is definetely an investment. Gone are the days when we went shopping with children on one side and bags on other. Today many strollers are available which will surely make our lives less complicated.
Multivitamins, calcium supplements etc are very essential as they help us replenish our resources which are lost much faster as compared to our earlier years. So after a proper consultation with your gynaec/ doctor do start with the ones which suit your requirements.....
Going to parlours on a routine basis may not be possible for many of us. So what? We are modern moms with solutions to every issue. Why not try some facial kits available for home usage. The results will definetely please you......
The toys today are so different from the ones we played with. With a plethora of choices available and space constraints, toy libraries are for sure breathers to modern age moms.
The toy libraries do have a lot of choices which ranges from books, cds, musical instruments, educational toys, fun toys. Along with that there are many libraries which provide a dual combination for us and kids.
So just go ahead and pick one for yourself......

Hhhhhh. Should we be discussing this. Of course it is very important to decide on the age gap we want amonst our kids. Also to avoid getting into a not so promising situation one should consider the option with proper consultation with your doctor. I would say it to be a smart investment.
What else can pep up our dull mood in seconds.... Hence I dont think there is any need to write much on this.
hmmmm smells good.
Last but for sure not the least a domestic help is our life saver. So try and outsource the job you find unrewarding and devote that precious time to you, your little darling and your family (In this order preferably)

So go ahead girlies and enjoy life to the fullest. Do share your comments and feedbacks to make our blog more suitable to our day to day needs.

And do wait for more posts.

Love you all and take care

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